Connor Musarra, 2ssaint, Suave Goddi & Q Nice – The Awakening (Prod. Tall Black Guy & Broken Keys)

The Awakening features two MCs originally from Cleveland, but who now reside in Philadelphia and Los Angeles. Reminiscent of the classic recording “Respiration” by Black Star, “The Awakening” is at once a love letter to the Cleveland that has inspired their artistic journeys and a reminder to remember the uplift of The Land that truly matters more than personal wealth. 2ssaint writes to close the song, “I know you’ve heard before everything that’s green in fact/surely may not be gold, this wealth ain’t something you can hold/crack the code”.

From In Search Of The Land, released June 19, 2021
Produced and arranged by Tall Black Guy & Broken Keys
Spoken Word by Suave Goddi
Scratches performed by The Music Curating Specialist Q-Nice
Lyrics by Connor Musarra and Stoke Barca
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