Broken Keys – Assorted Colors (2013-2021 Compilation)

Spanning 2013-2021, ‘Assorted Colors’ is a collection of singles and featured production from various compilations and labels, compiled together here for the first time. Courtesy of Alloy-X, Collective Resonance, Sequel Sound Recordings, Another Bullshit Night From Cleveland and Heaven Is In You. Also included is the brand new track ‘Assorted Colors’.

Track 1 taken from “Alloy-X Vol. 1” (2013)
Track 2 taken from “Alloy-X Vol. 2” (2014)
Track 3 released as a single on Alloy-X (2015)
Track 4 taken from “ABSFC Tape” (2016)
Track 5 taken from “HIIY Compilation” (2016)
Track 6 taken from “Resonance Vol. 3” (2016)
Track 7 taken from “Resonance Vol. 4” (2017)
Track 8 taken from “I Can’t See My House” (2017)
Track 9 taken from “All I’m Saying – The Remixes” (2017)
Track 10 taken from “illbump Compilation” (2018)
Track 11 taken from “Xmas Bumps” (2018)
Track 12 taken from “Resonance Vol. 5” (2019)
Track 13 exclusive to this release (2021)

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