Broken Keys – Quarantine Livestream Mix 005


Smoke Screen – Fuss Wit It
Smoke Screen – Morado
Smoke Screen – Buju Banton (Feat. Urbindex)
Smoke Screen – I’m With Whatever Man (Feat. Fam Famous) (Redman Blend)
Smoke Screen – Melodies Of A Silhouette
Urbindex – Bloody Nose (Feat. Smoke Screen)
Smoke Screen – Born To Roll
Smoke Screen – You Gets No Love (Prod. Swarthy Soul)
Smoke Screen – Front To Back (Feat. Keyel)
Smoke Screen – Out With The Old (Feat. MC Presto)
Smoke Screen – Feelin’ It (Feat. Proph The Problem)
Smoke Screen – Career Roulette
Smoke Screen – Got It Like This
Smoke Screen – It Don’t Stop

Smoke Screen – Method
Smoke Screen – Gasso (Broken Keys Version)
Smoke Screen – Blacklights & Flashlights
Smoke Screen – Graveyard Shift
Broccoli Samurai – Backwards Logic (Feat. Smoke Screen)
Smoke Screen – Uptown (Unknownphrazes Remix)
Smoke Screen – Ice Cold Water
Smoke Screen – Miata (Prod. Connor Musarra)
Smoke Screen – Barry Blanco (Prod. The Kickdrums)
Smoke Screen – The Ave (Feat. Rio The Mechanic)
Smoke Screen – B.Y.S. ‘09
Smoke Screen – Eternal Flame
Smoke Screen – Smoke & Lasers

Recorded live in front of an Instagram Livestream audience on April 20th, 2020. The 5th week of the livestream mix series was a special 4/20 All Smoke Screen set. Thank you for tuning in!

Originally recorded as a continuous mix straight through, presented here broken down into 2 parts to meet required file size.

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