Smoke Screen Press: Week of 7/10-7/15

Dan Laguardia (2017).jpg

“With sharp, confident command, “Return” can make the sparsest beats into the most menacing. Spinning their usual gritty Cleveland narratives with newfound touches of glam and polish, it’s their biggest sound yet.”
-Nikki Delamotte (

“Producers include Connor Musarra, Z. Quiz, Broken Keys and Uno Wa, a producer from Paris. The band recorded the album, Return to the Sun, at its own studio and outsourced the mixing. Directed by Turnstyle Films, the music video for the single “Breakbeats and Bass” features footage from throughout the past decade spliced with current-day shots of the group. The album kicks off with “Eternal Flame,” a tune that features percolating synths and rattling bass beats as Sheridan and Mynatt deliver rapid-fire raps.”
-Jeff Niesel (Cleveland Scene Magazine)

“The new album, Return to the Sun, is the next step for the rap outfit that continues to the push the boundaries of electronic-based rap music while still maintaining the “Cleveland sound” – minimalist, low-key background, industrial noise and the stark, in-your-face lyrics born in the north shore’s concrete jungle. “
-Gennifer Harding-Gosnell (Pressure Life Magazine)

“Although they never stopped making music, it’s been a while since they released anything new. But now they’ll be putting out Return to the Sun, their first full-length since Imagination Beyond Illustration in 2010.”
-Cool Cleveland (Cool Cleveland)

-Cellar Door Selects: What to do in Cleveland this week (Cellar Door Cleveland)

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