Chemist & Matayo – Comment Sections


Last spring, Chemist was cooped up in his apartment for several weeks after sustaining a broken ankle. This rare moment of solace brought his creativity to new levels, leading him to create his Solitude EP under his production alter ego Broken Keys, and at the same time putting together a collab album with fellow Alloy artist, Matayo. As an MC, Chemist has really done it all. Whether paying homage to golden era HipHop in Smoke Screen, or making club bangers in Smoke Noises,  He has consistently shown his versatility and Comment Sections is no exception. Chemist brings tongue-twisting flows over Matayo’s murky east coast rap beats.

As for Matayo, he’s been quietly honing his craft for the past few years, giving the outside world small glimpses into his artistry. His debut project, f r e e . s o u l ( vol . 1 ), he made his mark as a technically proficient hiphop producer that takes tried & true sampling techniques and flips them on their head to construct entirely new grooves.

While the summer has officially wrapped up for us here on the east coast, Comment Sections is a perfect way to keep those summer vibes going.

Grab Comment Sections on Bandcamp: Chemist & Matayo – Comment Sections

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