Collective Resonance Show #73 (GUEST: BROKEN KEYS)

Collective Resonance Show #73 featured an interview with Broken Keys A.K.A Tommy Sheridan or Chemist of Smoke Screen/Smoke Noises. He talked a little bit about his upcoming EP, Ethos. We also touched on Alloy-X and a few other things. Broken Keys selected a few tracks to kick the show off with and gave us a nice guest mix too. Check it out, see the track listing for who did what exactly and enjoy.

Broken Keys – San Mateo
Hokes – Wowowow
Hokes + Matayo – Pace
Doja Powerplay – Glow (Produced by A/V)
Marcus Alan Ward – No Passing (Urbindex Remix)

Broken Keys – Brazillia
Kaytranada – Hilarity Duff
Urbindex – Back Together
A/V + Rio The Mechanic – Bendcorners (Produced by Pablo Amor)
Esta – Luna
Pablo Amor – Rue
Smoke Noises – Masterpiece (Produced by Matayo)
Three Seas – Black Seminoles
Psymun + Prime Cut – Psym-Cut
A/V – Formula
Corey Grand + Marcus Alan Ward – No One Loves A Paradox
Broken Keys – Nektars Of Earth
Matayo – whtevr. it takes_
Broken Keys – Aquarium
Hokes – track2//track2.5
Matayo + Hokes – jOE
King Rem – She Hates Me
Smoke Noises – Manifesto (Produced by A/V)
King Rem & Peerless! – The Vessel
Smoke Noises – Liquid (Produced by Hokes)
Ghost Noises – Peaches (Produced by Matayo)
LTGL – maybenot
Hokes – I Fucked Lorde
starRo – Bout You
Moods – Flashback
Twizz – Golden
Iamnobodi – Maputo Dance
Smoke Screen – Barry Blanco (Produced by The Kickdrums)
Broken Keys – Dolphin Dance

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