All Fired Up: Local Hip-Hop Outfit Smoke Noises Makes an Impressive Debut


In the video for the new Smoke Noises’ Tune “2000 Pounds,” three rappers in fat suits come into frame. Images of cake, pizza and hot dogs appear as an insanely dope track plays. The video is as heavy as the title implies. The track is from Smoke Noises, the self-titled debut from a local hip-hop collaboration between the duo Smoke Screen and the solo artist Ghost Noises.

“What happened was Smoke Screen consists of Chemist [Tommy Sheridan] and Mooke [Rodney Mynatt] and Ghost Noises is a solo act, this dude Eric [Sarley],” rapper Tommy Sheridan explains in an interview. “So we’d kinda been in the same group of friends. We had worked with each other in the past and we came up with the idea to do a project together. It originally started as [Sarley] was going to do the beats and we were going to do the raps over it. As we were working on the project, [we realized] Sarley’s also a rapper, so we wanted him also on the project. It turned into a full-length project with all three of us rapping on it. And that’s pretty much how it happened.”

Read the rest of the article HERE!

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