Smoke Noises Album Cover, Tracklist and “Hold Up, Slow Up” Single Release


Here’s the second release from SMOKE NOISES’ self-titled full-length album, the Broken Keys-produced “Hold Up, Slow Up”.

The debut collaboration from Cleveland’s Smoke Screen and Ghost Noises, SMOKE NOISES is out digitally via Alloy-X on October 22nd.

1. Ohio Players (Produced By B00 Radley)
2. Hold Up, Slow Up (Produced By Broken Keys)
3. 2000 Pounds (Produced By Z.Quiz)
4. Snakes On A Plane (Produced By Urbindex)
5. Drive-Thru (Produced By Broken Keys)
6. Natural (Produced By Hokes)
7. The Basement (Featuring DJ ESO) (Produced By Smoke Noises)
8. Get Reckless (Produced By Shade Cobain)
9. Love + No Hate (Produced By Ghost Noises)

Recorded and Mixed by Phenom at W.41st Side
Mastered by Z.Quizzy
Art Direction by ChaderOne

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