Nasty Fancy Ingenuity Fest 2012 Recap

Shoutout to for this Ingenuity Fest recap vid. They did a great job of capturing the vibe of the fest and they actually caught a good amount of it! The video features the Smoke & Lasers instrumental and an unreleased instrumental called Aqua Psyche that we did. Much love Kyle! Below is the description that Nasty Fancy put up on their site…

Anyone who didn’t attend this Ingenuity Fest Sept. 14-16 possibly missed the best party Cleveland had to offer this year.

The celebration of music, art and technology, hosted at Warehouse 30 & 32 on the downtown docks in the shadows of Cleveland Brown’s Stadium and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, boasted more than 50 bands, art displays, interactive exhibits and futuristic performance art.

Kudos to the organizers on the spot swap. The post-industrial warehouses presented an atmosphere to let loose with plenty of open space.

Enjoy our video recap from the weekend! It was impossible for us to catch all of the action the weekend had to offer, but we did our best, and then tried to cram it into three minutes.

For the rest of the pics from the weekend you can go HERE.

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