1. Super x Mega x Sonic [DIGIRAATII Edit] (Produced By: DIGIRAATII)

2. Rookie Card [Twizzo Mix] (Produced By: Twizz of KEYEL)

3. I’m With Whatever ft. Fam Famous [A/V Remix] (Produced By: A/V)

4. Fuse Your Imagination [Ghost Noises Future Mix] (Produced By: Ghost Noises)

5. International ft. J-Star [Pheemix] (Produced By: Phenom)

6. Melodies of a Silhouette  [The Mechanic’s Beautiful Daytime Mix] (Produced By: Mario The Mechanic)

7. Coulda Been ft. Ahp Qwes [Peasemix] (Produced By: Pease of KEYEL)

8. Front to Back [ESO.REMIX] (Produced By: DJ ESO of KEYEL)

9. Blacklights and Flashlights [Urbindex Remix] (Produced By: Urbindex)

10. Aquarius vs. Capricorn [Broken Keymix] (Produced By: Chemist of Smoke Screen)

Available for free now!

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