Smoke Screen – 2014

In 2014 we continued touring and releasing music as Smoke Noises. We released the “Make It To A Dollar” EP accompanied by a music video for the title track shot by Brandon Andersen and performed countless shows, including New York Fashion week with RVAH. The lone Smoke Screen release was the single ‘Barry Blanco’ produced by The Kickdrums which we made with them on one of our trips to New York. The cover art is by Cleveland Artist John G and Roderick Jackson filmed the music video. Check out the highlights from the year featuring ‘Barry Blanco’.
Stream ‘Barry Blanco’: Stream “Make It To A Dollar” EP:
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Smoke Screen – 2013

2013 was a little bit of a departure from previous years. We joined forces with indie label Alloy-X at the beginning of the year and released the “Turquoise” EP produced by Connor Musarra. We released the stand alone Smoke Screen single ‘You Gets No Love’ produced by Swarthy Soul aka Walter-1dr and the song/video ‘Backwards Logic’ with Broccoli Samurai. What was originally just a one off collaboration with Ghost Noises from the Alloy-X Vol. 1 Compilation (the song ‘Oops All Berries’) turned into a full fledged group for the next few years. We released 2 Music Videos for ‘2000 Pounds’ (by Turnstyle Films) and ‘Snakes On A Plane’, both from the full length “Smoke Noises” LP which was released at the end of the year. This clip features ‘You Gets No Love’.
Stream “Turquoise”:
Stream ‘You Gets No Love’:
Stream ‘Backwards Logic’:
Stream “Alloy-X Vol. 1”:
Stream “Smoke Noises” LP:
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Smoke Screen – 2012

2012 was a busy year for us. We played the main stage at Ingenuity Fest and opened for Girl Talk at the legendary Cleveland Public Hall to kick off Rock Hall Induction Week. We released the “Ice Cold Water” EP which was nominated for Album Of The Year at the Ohio Hip Hop Awards where we were also nominated for Group Of The Year. We got accolades from The Needle Drop, Dead End Hip Hop and many more and released 2 Music Videos for ‘Ice Cold Water’ and ‘Smoke And Lasers’ with Turnstyle Films. This year also happens to be the 10 Year Anniversary of all of this! Check out the highlight clip featuring ‘It Don’t Stop’.
Stream “Ice Cold Water”:
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Smoke Screen – 2011

In 2011 we released the remix album “Imagination Beyond Illustration: ReImagined”. We started to play some bigger rooms that year, playing the House Of Blues and Ingenuity Fest for the first time, along with our first East Coast Tour. We released 2 Music Videos for ‘Melodies Of A Silhouette’ and ‘SUPERxMEGAxSONIC (DIGIRAATII Edit)’. This highlight clip features the track ‘Melodies Of a Silhouette (The Mechanic’s Beautiful Daytime Mix)’.
Stream “Imagination Beyond Illustration: ReImagined”:
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Smoke Screen – 2010

In 2010 we released our sophomore album “Imagination Beyond Illustration” and the stand alone single ‘Got It Like That’. This was the year that we started traveling more, and the shows were starting to get a little bigger. Check out this clip featuring ‘Got It Like That’ with some of the highlights from 2010.
Stream “Imagination Beyond Illustration”:
Stream ‘Got It Like That’:
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Smoke Screen – 2009

In 2009 we released our second mixtape “Punch-Drunk Melodies 2” featuring a few remixes and some new original songs. The original songs from that project are now streaming everywhere. The song ‘BYS ’09’, used in this 2009 highlight clip, originally appeared on “Punch-Drunk Melodies 2”.
Stream “Punch-Drunk Melodies 2”:
Full Mixtape Version:
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Smoke Screen – 2008

“Punch-Drunk Melodies”, originally released as a mixtape featuring a few new songs and selections from 2007’s “Self Educated Learning Process” was released in 2008. The original songs from that project are now available on streaming platforms for the first time! Check out this clip of our live shows from 2008 accompanied by the song ‘Out With The Old’ from “Punch-Drunk Melodies”. Stream “Punch-Drunk Melodies”:…
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Smoke Screen – 2007

Our 15 Year Anniversary is officially this month! To celebrate, we’ve added our entire back catalog to all streaming services, some of them for the first time ever! Check out this clip with highlights from our first year as a group, 2007. The songs ‘Feel What You Do’ and ‘Career Roulette’ are from the album “Self Educated Learning Process”. Stream “Self Educated Learning Process”:
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Broken Keys – Places I Could Never Reach (with Marcus Alan Ward)

New single “Places I Could Never Reach” with Marcus Alan Ward out now! Marcus is super talented and It’s always a blast working with him.
Mixed by Brad Puette Artwork by Ashton Peck.

Apple Music:

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Smoke Screen 15 Year Anniversary Show

Friday April 15th will be 15 years to the exact date of the first time we stepped on stage as Smoke Screen. To celebrate that milestone, we’re playing our first show in 2 years / our first headlining show in almost 5 years.

We have the amazing @mourningablkstar and @smithtaylorsounds performing and our closest collaborator DJ Geauga Lake (@ghostnoises ) providing music all night.

It’s also at @thegrogshop which has been a very important venue for us over the course of the past 15 years.
This is one you won’t want to miss! Tickets available now:

$12 advance //
$15 at the door
2758 Euclid Heights Blvd.
Cleveland Heights, OH 44106

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