New Broken Keys Single ‘Solitude’ Stream

OG Alloy producer Broken Keys unveils the title track off of his forthcoming “Solitude” EP, slated for release April 28th via Alloy-X. This Acid/Fusion Jazz influenced track marks a new stage in the artistry of Broken Keys. Bringing in live instrumentation to bolster the bed of electronics.

Stream Broken Keys’ “Solitude” single below:

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Alloy-X 2 Year Anniversary Show Recap

1/24/15 Alloy-X celebrated 2 years since our inception with a show at the Grog Shop in Cleveland with performances by Matayo, A/V, Hokes, Smoke Noises, and Urbindex.

Video by HodosArt
Song: “Jump In The Air” – Broken Keys

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Smoke Screen – Whippin’ (Prod. Urbindex) [Single]

Alloy Vol 2

Alloy-X Vol. 2 out Jan. 27th!

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2014: The Year Of The Trifecta

So if 2013 ended up being The Year Of The Collab, 2014 continued in that direction and wound up as The Year Of The Trifecta. Smoke Screen, Broken Keys and Smoke Noises all became brands in their own right this past year and we were able to cover a lot of ground through all three projects. We released material from all three acts domestically and internationally though Alloy-X and Collective Resonance respectively and did shows in New York City, Boston, Houston, Austin and Cleveland.

Though we didn’t release a Smoke Screen album in 2014, we put out a single/video produced by The Kickdrums, an EP with Smoke Noises and I released a pair of EPs as Broken Keys. We also released music videos for all three projects. I’ve compiled a list of all of the highlights throughout the year and categorized them into separate sections below. Checkout the list of shows, releases, music videos, interviews and more from Smoke Screen, Smoke Noises and Broken Keys in 2014! Also included is our annual year end highlight recap video.

We can’t thank everyone enough for all the support over the years and we can’t wait for what 2015 has in store for all three of these projects!


-1/10 Smoke Noises Grog Shop show
-2/2 Alloy-X House Party
-3/28 Alloy-X House Party: Boston
-4/28 Smoke Noises show at Cafe 939 in Boston
-5/22 Urbindex WALSH Release at Heart and Sole with Broken Keys
-5/23 Smoke Noises w/ Freeze-Tag + DJ Corey Grand Grog Show
-5/25 Bounce & Get Low: Smoke Noises
-6/1 Bounce & GET LOW: Jae Andres, Broken Keys & DJ Corey Grand
-6/22 Smoke Noises @ Grog Shop
-6/26 Broken Keys @ Beat/Life1
-6/28 Smoke Noises @ Cleveland Block Party
-7/17 Bounce Get Low Bside: Broken Keys + Urbindex
-8/15 Smoke Noises + Urbindex @ Weapons Mass Creation Fest
-8/16 Broken Keys @ B-Side BBQ
-8/17 Bounce & Get Low: Urbindex + Broken Keys + Ghost Noises
-8/31 Smoke Screen + Broccoli Samurai Summerdance
-9/4 Broken Keys Bounce & Get Low B-Side
-9/5 Broken Keys + Aqueous + Vibe & Direct @ Grog Shop
-9/9 Smoke Screen + Sole @ Beachland Tavern
-9/11 Alloy-X/RVAH NY Fall Fashion Week
-9/20 Smoke Screen With Rjd2 @ Grog Shop
-11/8 Broken Keys @ Mahall’s
-12/5 Broken Keys + Urbindex @ Notsuoh Houston, TX
-12/6 Broken Keys + Urbindex Instore @ Exploded Records Austin, TX
-12/6 Broken Keys + Urbindex @ Chicon Collective $3 Shows Mixer Austin, TX
-12/31 Broken Keys + Tropidelic New Years Eve


-1/10 Smoke Noises x Another Enemy Capsule Collection
-3/25 Broken Keys – Cantina EP
-5/9 Broken Keys + Corey Grand – Alloy-X/Long Division Mix
-7/4 DJ Corey Grand OG Mattress Guest Room Mix: Broken Keys
-9/5 Smoke Screen + The Kickdrums – Barry Blanco Single
-11/18 Smoke Noises – Make It To A Dollar EP
-12/4 Broken Keys – Ethos EP

Music Videos:

-2/17 Smoke Screen – Morado Music Video
-10/31 Smoke Noises – Make It To A Dollar Music Video
-11/20 Broken Keys – Dolphin Dance Music Video
-12/20 Smoke Screen – Barry Blanco Music Video


-1/8 Full Page Smoke Noises Interview in Scene Magazine
-4/16 Broken Keys Mention in Young Wired And Restless Scene Cover Story
-11/13 Smoke Noises Baldwin Wallace Radio Show Appearance
-12/4 Collective Resonance Show #73 (Broken Keys Interview + Guest Mix)


-1/1 Smoke Noises likeness in Melt Ad
-3/24 Smoke Noises Boston Recording Trip 1
-4/23 SmokeScreen216 Tumblr voted Best in Cleveland!
-6/10 Smoke Noises ‘2000 Pounds’ Featured in SCUM Movie Soundtrack
-9/13 Smoke Noises Boston Recording Trip 2

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Smoke Screen – Barry Blanco (Music Video)

The official music video for Barry Blanco by Smoke Screen, produced by The Kickdrums. Shot and Directed by Rod Jackson of in various locations around New York City in September of 2014.

Alloy-X animation by Anthony Snitzer

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Broken Keys – Ethos EP

Broken Keys A.K.A Chemist A.K.A Tommy Sheridan, is one half of Cleveland based Hip Hop duo Smoke Screen, who have released two projects with Collective Resonance in the past. Tommy is also involved with Smoke Noises and has been producing under the alias of Broken Keys for a few years now. We are proud to be releasing this next project of his.

The word ethos derives from Greek, meaning “character” and is used to describe the guiding beliefs or ideals that characterize a community, nation or ideology. Ethos has also been used by Greeks to refer to the influence music can have on listeners emotions, behaviours and morals.

Broken Keys fuses the art of sampling, field recordings, original vocals, electric guitar and manipulating sounds with various effects via an SP404, to create some very smooth sounding, feel good, atmospheric vibes on this forthcoming EP of his.

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Collective Resonance Show #73 (GUEST: BROKEN KEYS)

Show #73 (Broken Keys Interview + Guest Mix) by Collective Resonance on Mixcloud

Collective Resonance Show #73 featured an interview with Broken Keys A.K.A Tommy Sheridan or Chemist of Smoke Screen/Smoke Noises. He talked a little bit about his upcoming EP, Ethos. We also touched on Alloy-X and a few other things. Broken Keys selected a few tracks to kick the show off with and gave us a nice guest mix too. Check it out, see the track listing for who did what exactly and enjoy.

Broken Keys – San Mateo
Hokes – Wowowow
Hokes + Matayo – Pace
Doja Powerplay – Glow (Produced by A/V)
Marcus Alan Ward – No Passing (Urbindex Remix)

Broken Keys – Brazillia
Kaytranada – Hilarity Duff
Urbindex – Back Together
A/V + Rio The Mechanic – Bendcorners (Produced by Pablo Amor)
Esta – Luna
Pablo Amor – Rue
Smoke Noises – Masterpiece (Produced by Matayo)
Three Seas – Black Seminoles
Psymun + Prime Cut – Psym-Cut
A/V – Formula
Corey Grand + Marcus Alan Ward – No One Loves A Paradox
Broken Keys – Nektars Of Earth
Matayo – whtevr. it takes_
Broken Keys – Aquarium
Hokes – track2//track2.5
Matayo + Hokes – jOE
King Rem – She Hates Me
Smoke Noises – Manifesto (Produced by A/V)
King Rem & Peerless! – The Vessel
Smoke Noises – Liquid (Produced by Hokes)
Ghost Noises – Peaches (Produced by Matayo)
LTGL – maybenot
Hokes – I Fucked Lorde
starRo – Bout You
Moods – Flashback
Twizz – Golden
Iamnobodi – Maputo Dance
Smoke Screen – Barry Blanco (Produced by The Kickdrums)
Broken Keys – Dolphin Dance

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